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[Full ver] SHINee - Downtown Baby

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Pls support The Barberettes.

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SM Entertainment Reveals SHINee’s Onew Recently Underwent Throat Surgery, Currently Recovering


SM Entertainment has announced to the local media that SHINee member Onew recently underwent surgery for removal of vocal polyps and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction on June 3 and is currently recovering. He was released from the hospital and is resting at home. SM Entertainment elaborated, “There is no effect on his daily life, and he is receiving treatment as an outpatient.”

Due to this surgery…

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Make me choose:
↳ asked: Minho in Dream Girl or Sherlock era?

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Everybody [Mini Album] ; SHINee

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hey moon, please forget to fall down; hey moon, don’t you go down.
you are at the top of my lungs drawn to the ones who never yawn.

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